About US

Public policy encompasses many complex issues that often require detailed knowledge and keen insight across a vast array of fields. Some of these complex issues - such as the economy, social policy, housing, education, and public health - are well served by researchers and analysis's providing information, analysis and ideas to Ministers, MPs and their advisers.


But some issues are less well served. Especially those that touch on fundamental questions about the value of a human life, that  set the context for deeply personal choices, and that often require walking a tightrope between competing individual rights.


These issues, so core to human life, deserve a strong, research-based approach.


As a research unit, Every Life brings the best of international and New Zealand research and commentary, and original analysis and ideas to bear upon discussion and debate on fundamental human life policy issues. The ethos guiding the work of Every Life is the belief that very life is valuable, and every life deserves to be included.


Every Life is an independent entity and is not a registered charitable trust. It relies on donations from people who value that work that it does.